Amarant Music

Kindergarten 2016

Services Overview :

  • Premium user-support services, featuring:

  • Personalized tech-support for every teacher, with one single point-of-contact
    Personalized support, with one single point of contact, for any and all questions or issues with educational content, including supplementary exercises
    Active monitoring of all assessments, to provide targeted and timely feedback-based support for all teachers

  • On-the-fly individualized curriculum scheduling adjustment and support

  • Custom fit to each school’s grading schedule
    Adapts to any change in schedule (e.g. field trips, fire alarms) with a click of a button
  • Provided certification training program for teachers

  • Every teacher is provided with the training they need to comfortably use our product in a classroom setting
  • Data-driven and ever-improving, our design is based directly on feedback and classroom evidence

  • Included annual updates of all content
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