Amarant Music

Kindergarten 2016

Features Overview :

  • 36-week Kindergarten music program, with each week consisting of:

  • One 15-20m lesson
    Four 5-10m daily reinforcement exercises
    A weekly assessment

  • Fully developed materials, including:

  • Two full, ready-made musical performances
    A detailed teacher’s manual
    Daily reinforcement practice classroom materials
    Weekly assessments

  • Strong cross-curriculum design, created with robust ties to all subject areas

  • Every lesson reaches multiple subjects

  • Uses a wide variety of quality multimedia to fully engage a Kindergarten audience

  • From traditional instruction, to animation, to puppets, (and, of course, music) each lesson connects with young children on their level in order to best communicate each musical concept

  • World Music focus, featuring:

  • 82 songs
    From 18 countries
    Sung in 20 languages
    A specific emphasis on learning American folk and patriotic songs,with a highlight on state folk songs

  • Flexible, innovative design, purpose-built to fit any and every school:

  • Advanced support and inventive layout provide music education professionals with the tools they need to take their Kindergarten music program to the next level
    Developed also with the non-music specialist in mind, the full program can be taught by any teacher with ease
    Click and play simplicity
    Features a curriculum customized to both the individual school and teacher
    The curriculum and all content is data-driven, and assessment verified

  • Encourages and supports parental involvement with any-time access

  • Songs and music from around the world, in class, and at home

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