Overview Of Company

Amarant Education was founded on the belief that innovation in the use of technology can be used to offer children everywhere a better education than ever before.

While nearly all Americans agree on the importance of learning music, music education in elementary schools – the only music education most people receive – is under constant pressure across the nation for cutbacks in time, budget, and even personnel. This leaves teachers with more challenges than ever when trying to ensure a quality music education for their students. Many teachers find themselves frustrated, without the resources to be able to provide the music education they believe their students need and deserve. Some school districts have had to entirely cut music, a cost saving measure that unfortunately deprives the children in their schools of a valuable piece of a well-rounded education.

These are the problems that drove us at Amarant Education to create a set of educational tools to help educators overcome these obstacles, toward providing a better music education for everyone. Our music education products are designed to help every school, regardless of situation: to be able to supplement a good music program, helping to solve those problems facing teachers today, but also to be both comprehensive and uncomplicated enough to use that, for schools which have had to cut music, an unspecialized teacher could employ it and still be able to provide an excellent music education.

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